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Yunnan Limestone Simple Moving crusher
Yunnan Limestone Simple Moving crusher

Production capacity: 200t/h

Equipment configuration:

  • Vibrating feeder + tyre counter break + vibrating screen moving crushing station

Project introduction: A construction site in Liaoyuan, Jilin province introduced the tyre type counterattack mobile crushing station produced by our company, which was used for on-site treatment of demolition construction waste.When the device output up to 350 tons per hour, with high crushing ratio, can deal with particle size of more than 700 centimeters of construction waste concrete block, directly into the site work, convenient and quick, the equipment is easy to transport and install into the short time, suitable for city, some remote places, such as in open-pit mine, quarry operations.

Customer feedback: The tyre counter crushing mobile crushing station has high crushing efficiency and large crushing ratio. It can be directly operated on the site without installation, which saves the tedious process such as construction waste transportation and treatment. The broken materials can also be used as recycled aggregate, which is of low cost, good quality and satisfactory using effect.

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Cate Characteristic

[Outstanding Advantages]

1. Integrated crushing and screening, convenient and simple.

2. Steering traction shaft, flexible, convenient for road transportation and in-depth site.

3. Operation is direct and effective

4. Reliable performance and easy maintenance.

5. High-performance crusher

6. The shape of the product is a cube, and the size of the discharge particle can be adjusted.